With our final production of the year we are looking to excite our audience with this classic comedy thriller. The many unexpected plot twists will keep them on the edge of their seats right up until the very end.

We’re looking for five actors, who ideally, can do a convincing American accent! You must be available for the production run 10 November through to 25 November and for rehearsals leading up to production.  We’re hoping to start rehearsals w/c 3 September.



Sunday, August 27th from 4.30pm-6.00pm

The Company Theatre rehearsal room at Rose Centre, Belmont

Director:  Kate Birch 

For a copy of the script and to book your audition please contact Linda Camplin, Production Manager by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .  If you are keen to audition and can’t make this date/time then please let Linda know and we’ll try to make alternative arrangements.



SYDNEY BRUHL (M) 50-60: A famous writer of Broadway thrillers. His recent string of flops has him considering just about anything to be back on top with a hit show. He is impressive, polished, manipulative, a bit flamboyant and self-assured. Must be capable of stage combat. 

CLIFF ANDERSON (M) 20-35: An aspiring young playwright. Preppy, good-looking, intelligent and charming, all of which covers an ambitious and deceptive streak. He is determined to become a successful playwright. Must be capable of stage combat.

MYRA BRUHL (F) 35-50: Sydney’s self-effacing but charming wife. Sophisticated, upper class and slightly neurotic. She is supportive of her husband’s efforts to stay on top. 

HELGA TEN DORP (F) 45-65: A famous German psychic who is visiting the neighbours of the Bruhl’s. She is nosey, quirky, struggles with her English, disarming and brave.

PORTER MILGRAM (M) 50-60: A lawyer. An imposing man of substance who is on the lookout for Sidney’s best interests. A friend of the family 

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