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Friday On My Mind

by Sherry Ede

11 - 25th November 2017

 It’s Friday night.  The men will get together over a few beers and watch the rugby. The women will enjoy a few wines. It’s an anticipated form of relaxation after the working week.

But for middle aged Frank, things are unclear. Something is changing. Is he just getting older? Has society changed?  Are women changing? 

  This new, New Zealand play, (by the author of The Pain and The Passion) combines humour, and music, as it looks at some social changes in the 21st century, and a new definition of love.


 CAST - Middle aged. 4 men. 3 women.

FRANK:          A self-employed electrician.  

SARAH:          Frank’s wife -   A primary school teacher 

DAVE:            Frank’s mate -  Construction Manager   

DENNIS:        Frank’s mate.  A builder

MEGAN:         Dennis’ wife.   A high school teacher. 

PETER:          Frank’s mate.   A Plumber

JAYNE:          Friend of Megan.  A Financial Manager/part-time librarian.

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