Auditions will be 

Neville’s Island by Tim Firth

Auditions Saturday 17 April 2pm

In The Company Room, upstairs at the back of

The Rose Centre, Belmont

Season 14 - 28 August 2021

The play is about four out-of-condition businessmen sent off on a team-building exercise in the Lake District, who succeed in being the first people ever to get shipwrecked on an island in Derwent Water.

Bound in by fog, menaced by the wildlife and cut off from the world, this perfunctory middle-class exercise turns into a hilarious carnival of recrimination, French cricket and sausages.

What should have been a bonding process for Gordon, Angus, Roy and Neville turns into a muddy, bloody fight for survival.

Cast Requirements:

Four male actors to play four middle aged businessmen.

NEVILLE – appointed leader of the group who loses control throughout the play; a bit bookish and a cryptic crossword buff; hates confrontation so attempts to act as pacifier; quite intellectual; softly spoken; amiable and incompetent.

GORDON – the bully of the group; bold, abrasive, cynical and inappropriately sarcastic; his rucksack has gone down with the boat and his sense of humour has gone with it

ANGUS – the weakest of the group; a dim-witted loser overprepared for the weekend with a rucksack full of over the top kit; he has doubts about his wife’s fidelity

ROY – a quiet, child-like innocent man who has found God; a dedicated birdwatcher.

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