Company Theatre - The Early Years

In this section on the web is the History of Company Theatre, and further down you will find a list of all our productions since 1980.
The North Shore Company Theatre and Dramatic Society Inc., now known as Company Theatre, began in 1980.

Company Theatre is a community-run theatre in Belmont, Auckland, New Zealand.  Call into The Rose Centre, School Road, Belmont  for bookings on weekdays from 9 - 4pm.  

Company Theatre posters line the walls of the foyer from 1992 until today.  

The Rose Centre website for community activities is  

Company Theatre was the brainchild of Keith Passmore and John Dylan. In 1980, it consisted of a group of nine performers at various venues on the North Shore under the name of "Company Players."  John Dylan created COMPANY THEATRE  and gave it a base in St Michael's Hall, King Edward Ave, Bayswater.  The small group of nine people who started it, wished to stage theatre of an experimental or “avant-garde” nature. John Dylan was the first President of the society and these initial nine are remembered in our Logo. (If you look you can see nine people sitting in a theatre)

In 1982, a new committee looked to producing more box office shows.

During the consolidation period 1982 - 1987, a number of very dedicated people joined the society.  Geoff Clews, Peter Segrove and Neil Burgham all served as Presidents for the society but more importantly, they were initiated the idea to find Company a permanent home on the Shore.

Company Theatre Show History


During the first two years of Company Theatre a variety of alternative Short Plays & Sketches were presented. We do not have complete details but John Dylan has been able to provide some early programmes.

Plastic in Aspic. Written and Directed by Keith Passmore

Neuroses In Bloom, a Sketch from “Living For Pleasure” - Performed and Directed by Sylvia Ronayne

Lend Us Your Ears written and performed by Cliff Wenham

Simultaneous Broadcast written by Dennis Norden. Directed by Keith Passmore.

Oh by N.F. Simpson. DIrected by Keith Passmore

One Blast and Have Done by N.F. Simpson. Directed by Keith Passmore.

Imperfectly Serious. Written and Directed by Keith Passmore.

Strawberry Jam - Directed by Keith Passmore

Lunch Hour by John Mortimer. Directed by John Dylan.


With All My Love I Hate You by Lynda Marchal ( 1973) Directed by John Dylan.

The Stone Cage written by Nicholas Stuart Grey. Directed by John Dylan.

Krapp’s Last Tape by Samuel Beckett. Directed by John Dylan.

Blue Comedy - a double bill written by Paul Abelman. Directed by John Dylan

Balls by Paul Foster (American author, 1960's) Directed by John Dylan. This was a very alternative piece of theatre, described here by John Dylan : " This production used a sound-tape only and we used just two white balls - of the ping pong variety - floating around seemingly by themselves in a blacked out environment. Sort of like Samuel Beckett's The Mouth / Not I. John Middleton - also of TV2 then - created the mechanics and electrics of the illusion. We toured it, (took it to Devonport once) and it almost started a fist fight in the audience afterwards between those who thought it was "an amazing experience" and those who were furious because they didn't get to see any actors and felt it was a load of utter rubbish - and said so very loudly!

Imported From Canada - Written, directed and mostly performed by Cliff Wenham

They Came to A City by J.B. Priestley. Directed by Rosemary Gailer

Christmas With Company - Directed by John Dylan

The Storytellers - a home-grown production, directed by John Dylan, at the Pumphouse, Takapuna. With Janine Hurtubise, David Kemp, Wayne Elliott, Cliff Wenham, Joan Hunt and John Dylan. The stories they told were Wolf by Michael Morcock; Robinson Crusoe in the Bush by Rod Ansell, Peaches by Dylan Thomas, The Peasmobile by Wayne Elliott, Christmas Meeting by Rosemary Timparly and The Elephant's Child by Rudyard Kipling.

Also two Harold Pinter plays - The Lover, with John Dylan and Patricia Scott, and The Dumb Waiter, with Keith Sexton and Norm Isherwood. (John Dylan says: We didn't actually have a director for that - the Production Adviser was Yvonne Saunders!)


In mid 1982 a new committee takes over with a new direction:

The Unexpected Guest by Agatha Christie. Directed by Jean Naismith

Not Now Darling by Cooney & Chapman. Directed by John Dylan



Blithe Spirit by Noel Coward. Directed by Jocelyn McQuaid

Music Hall ’83 Devised and Directed by John Dylan with Mr Geoffrey Clews as Your Illustrious Chairman.

Mixed Moods - 2 Plays. One Hour to Dusk by Anthony Booth. Directed by Jean Naismith. Poor Mr Shakespeare by Joy Andrerson. Directed by Anne Potter

A Company Christmas. Directed by...


Love In Idleness by Terrence Rattigan. Directed by Jean Naismith

Dangerous Corner by J.B. Priestley. Directed by Anne Potter

Who’s Who by Keith Waterhouse and Willis Hall. Directed by John Dylan

(Note from John Dylan that this above play had eleven characters, some doubled up, - and there were 183 entrances and exits during the play!)


Trilogy (Three One Act Plays)  A Slight Ache by Harold Pinter. Scherzo in Two Flats by Don Sutherland and The Dear Departed by Stanley Houghton. All directed by David Kemp. 

Tomb With A View by Norman Robbins. Directed by John Antony

Music Hall ’85. Devised and Directed by June Luscombe


Gaslight by Patrick Hamilton. Directed by Jean Naismith

Dear Delinquent by Jack Popplewell. Directed by Anne Potter

Mother Goose. A Pantomime. Directed by Peter Segrove


Mr Pim Passes By. A comedy by A.A. Milne. Directed by Ruth Mathieson

Bonaventure by Charlotte Hastings. Directed by Anne Potter

Music Hall ’87 Devised and Directed by John Dylan


Charley’s Aunt by Brandon Thomas. Directed by Peter Segrove.

Fifth Dimension (One Act Plays) Orange Souffle by Saul Bellow, Mute Witness by Ann & Arthur Russell, Crossword by Anne Potter, The Tell-Tale Heart by Edgar Allen Poe, Over the Tea Cups by Percival Wilde

50/50 by Roger Hall. Directed by Neil Burgham

The Pohutakawa Tree by Bruce Mason. Directed by Anne Potter

Move Over, Mrs Markham by Ray Cooney/John Chapman. Directed by Ruth Mathieson


Murder On The Nile by Agatha Christie. Directed by Anne Potter

Whose Life Is it, Anyway? By Brian Clarke. Directed by Neil Burgham

Music Hall ’89. Devised and Directed by Peter Segrove.

1990 - Company Theatre's 10th Anniversary year.

Wait Until Dark by Frederick Knott. Directed by Neil Burgham.

Not Now Darling by Ray Cooney & John Chapman. Directed by Peter Segrove

Babes In The Wood by Tony Currie. Directed by Alistair Bibby


 Middle Age Spread by Roger Hall. Directed by Gordon Currie

ThreeFold (Three One Act Plays) Barbeque by Cherry Vooght. Directed by Mark Oswin.  The Bespoke Overcoat by Wolf Mankowitz. Directed by Barbara Simpson. Anyone For Tennis by Gwyn Clark. Directed by John Palmer

Music Hall ’91. Devised and Directed by Peter Segrove.


Why Me? by Stanley Price. Directed by Mark Oswin.

Murder In Company by Philip King. Directed by Ruth Segrove


Our premiere production in our new home was...

Habeas Corpus by Alan Bennett. Directed by Peter Segrove


Beside The Sea by Brian Jefferies. Directed by John Palmer

Cowardy Custard by Noel Coward. Directed by Bruce Murray

Map Of The Heart by William Nicholson. Directed by Neil Burgham


Mothers and Fathers by Joe Musaphia. Directed by Gordon Currie

The Mad, Mad World of Theatre. Devised & Directed by Sherry Ede

Situation Comedy by Mortimer & Cooke. Directed by Robert Letcher

An Edwardian Evening. Devised & Directed by Bruce Murray


Natural Causes by Eric Chappell. Directed by Neil Burgham

Steel Magnolias by Robert Harling. Directed by Robert Letcher


Just Between Ourselves by Alan Ayckbourn. Directed by Anthony Whitehouse

Three of a Funny Kind. (One Acts) Titles: Hidden Meanings, Thermal Underwear & Visiting Hours. Directed by Kathy Gent

Lord Arthur Savile’s Crime by Oscar Wilde. Directed by Peter Millar.


The Odd Couple (Female Version) by Neil Simon. Directed by Maggie Maxwell

Two Play (One Acts)

The Real Inspector Hound by Tom Stoppard directed by Graham Wagstaff & Cup Final by Charles Mander directed by Steve Wright

Palladium Devised & Directed by Ruth Segrove & Moira Coote

Blithe Spirit by Noel Coward. Directed by Kathy Gent


Social Climbers by Roger Hall. Directed by Steve Wright

One Act …Times Two. (2 One Acts as follows)

A Kind of Alaska by Harold Pinter. Directed by Perry Cameron.

White Liars by Peter Shaffer. Directed by Graham Wagstaff

Money & Friends by David Williamson. Directed by Sherry Ede

Hedda Gabler by Henrik Ibsen. Directed by Sian Davis


Chapter Two by Neil Simon. Directed by Perry Cameron

See How They Run by Philip King. Directed by Kathy Gent

Straight & Narrow by Jimmy Chin. Directed by Kathy Gent

2000 Company's 20th Anniversary year

How The Other Half Loves by Alan Ayckbourn. Directed by Anthony Whitehouse

Richard Pearse - The Pain & The Passion. Written & Directed by Sherry Ede

Eugenia by Lorae Parry. Directed by Sian Davis

Outside Edge by Richard Harris. Directed by Steve Wright


Darkness Falls, The Monkey’s Paw &The Dark. One Act Plays. Directed by Lynne Davis

King Arthur. A Pantomime by Paul Reakes. Directed by Anne Rimmer

Arsenic & Old Lace by Joseph Kesselring. Directed by Sian Davis


Brilliant Lies by David Williamson. Directed by Richard Parmee

Curtain Up On Murder by Bettine Manktelow. Directed by Steve Wright

The Cherry Orchard by Anton Chekhov. Directed by Sian Davis

The Sex Fiend by Sinclair & Mulheron. Directed by Anthony Whitehouse


Tons of Money adapted by Alan Ayckbourn. Directed by Sherry Ede

The Memory of Water by Shelagh Stephenson. Directed by Steve Wright

Run For Your Wife by Ray Cooney. Directed by Sherry Ede


Take A Chance On Me by Roger Hall. Directed by Kathy Gent

Kindertransport by Diane Samuels. Directed by Graham Wagstaff

An Inspector Calls by J.B. Priestley. Directed by Helen Cooper

Up For Grabs by David Williamson. Directed by Richard Parmee

2005 - our Silver Jubillee Year. 25 Years.

Caught In The Net by Ray Cooney. Directed by Sherry Ede

Trick of The Light by Ken Duncam. Directed by Sian Davis

The Ghost Train by Arnold Ridley. Directed by Graham Wagstaff


Spreading Out by Roger Hall. Directed by Kathy Gent.

Gym & Tonic by John Godber. Directed by Lesley Locke

Noises Off by Michael Frayn. Directed by Richard Parmee.


The Bach by Stephen Sinclair, Directed by Sian Davis

Daughters of Heaven by Michelanne Forster, Directed by Mary Cavanagh

Funny Money by Ray Cooney, Directed by Sherry Ede


Someone Who'll Watch Over Me by Frank McGuinness. Directed by Steve Wright

'Allo 'Allo by David Croft and Jeremy Lloyd. Directed by Kathy Gent

Boeing Boeing by Marc Carnoletti. Directed by Richard Parmee


Relatively Speaking by Alan Ayckbourn. Directed by Lynne Davis

Tom, Dick and Harry by Ray and Michael Cooney. Directed by David Adkins

Murdered To Death by Peter Gordon. Directed by Sherry Ede

2010 - Company's 30th Anniversary year.

Who Wants to be 100? (Anyone who's 99) by Roger Hall. Directed by Sian Davis

Brassed Off by Paul Allen. Directed by Kathy Gent

Music Hall 2010. Devised and Directed by Ruth Chapman & Sherry Ede


Pride and Prejudice by Jane Kendall. Directed by Karl Buckley

Four Flat Whites in Italy by Roger Hall. Directed by Richard Parmee

Improbable Fiction by Alan Ayckbourn. Directed by Lynne Davis


Fawlty Towers by John Cleese and Connie Booth. Directed by Kathy Gent

The Mousetrap by Agatha Christie. Directed by Sian Davis


Calendar Girls  by Tim Firth. Directed by Kathy Gent

It's Just Sex  by Jeff Gould. Directed by  Richard Parmee

Little Gem by Elaine Murphy.  Directed by Des Smith


An Ideal Husband  by Oscar Wilde. Directed by Steven Arnold

A Shortcut to Happiness  by Roger Hall. Directed by  Sian Davis

MORE Fawlty Towers by John Cleese and Connie Booth.  Directed by Kathy Gent


Hautu & Charlie Bloom  by Kathleen Gallagher. Directed by Steven Arnold

Hayfever  by Noel Coward. Directed by Julian Harrison

Don't Dress for Dinner by Marc Camoletti.  Directed by Elena Stejco


When Dad Married Fury  by David Williamson. Directed by Max Golding

All My Sons  by Arthur Miller. Directed by Sian Davis

One Man Two Guvnors by Richard Bean.  Directed by Kathy Gent


Weed  by Anthony McCarten. Directed by Mark Jensen

Ladies' Day  by Amanda Whittington. Directed by Kathy Gent

Deathtrap  by Ira Levin. Directed by Kate Birch


Popcorn  by Ben Elton. Directed by Suzy Sampson

The Importance of Being Earnest  by Oscar Wilde. Directed by Anne Rimmer

Last Legs  by Roger Hall. Directed by Sian Davis


Stones In His Pockets  by Marie Jones. Directed by Kristof Haines

Steel Magnolias  by Robert Harling. Directed by Kathy Gent

Arms and The Man  by George Bernard Shaw Directed by Reg Williams

2020 Company's 40th Anniversary

Peninsula  by Gary Henderson. Directed by Kristof Haines.  We finally got this show on in November, after a year of COVID cancellations.

Lockdown in Little Grimley by David Tristram. Directed by Kathy Gent was presented as a celebration of our 40th Anniversary post lockdown.


Cat On A Hot Tin Roof by Tennessee Willians. Directed by Sian Davis


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