POPCORN by Ben Elton - OPENS May 12, 2018


 Directed by Suzy Sampson (Above) 

 SEASON: 12 – 26 May 2018   R16 recommended. 

This is a satirical comedy. An exciting, gripping, hostage drama. 

It won the Laurence Olivier award in 1998 and is even more relevant today. 

Please note it contains strong language  and sexual references.  
(R. 16 recommended)

 A talented cast and an experienced director.

Popcorn is Ben Elton's response to whether watching a violent film can make some people go out and commit violent acts.

Should movie producers/ directors take some responsibility for the type of violent films they make? If not who will?

Action packed. Great plot.  


Set in a Hollywood mansion of film director Bruce Delamitri after he wins an Oscar for his film about a young couple who go on a killing spree.

Bruce rejects any responsibility for those who are killing people in a similar fashion to the characters in his movie.

Suddenly, the real-life murderers, Scout and Wayne, break into Delamitri's house and reveal that they are huge fans of his movies.

A hostage situation puts everyone in danger. 

Many viewpoints are shown in this intelligent play.

The movie's producer Karla, sees it from a money angle and Farrah Delamitri (Bruce's wife) couldn’t care less about movies. She just wants to get her fifty percent of everything Bruce owns, before there is a public backlash against his violent movies.
Velvet Delamitri (Bruce's teenage daughter) is ambivalent about movies - although it's kind of cool to have a famous Dad, she thinks his movies are, like, really gross.

"Funny, gripping and genuinely thought provoking." Daily Telegraph 



The cast is as follows 


NICK BROWN plays Bruce Delamitri  and ELIZABETH SWAN plays Brooke


GRACE CHISOLM plays Scout and FRANCIS JOHNSON plays Wayne 


 GINA SNEESBY plays Farrah Delamitri  and SHONA HARRIS plays Karla


  SUZY SAMPSON plays Kirsten  and JASMINE GRAY  plays Velvet Delamitri 


Suzy trained at RADA and the London Academy for Performing Arts in the UK, the Stella Adler Academy in New York and TVI Studios in Los Angeles.  She has 20 years’ experience and has directed theatre productions in London, Hong Kong and most recently the Bay of Plenty.

Her one woman show "Shakespeare’s Will"  in which she portrayed Anne Hathaway, won the Hong Kong Arts Award for Best Production and has toured Hong Kong, Prague, Auckland, Wellington and Tauranga.   She appeared in Company Theatre's production of Ladies' Day. 


Director – Suzy Sampson

Set Design – Suzy Sampson

Production Managers – Linda Camplin and Sherry Ede

Stage Manager – Kay Williams

Assistant Stage Manager – Marissa Wilson

Props/Dressers – Helen Porteous and Ella Lennon

Prompt – Melissa Roberts

Poster Design – Richard Moore

Costumes – Suzy Sampson, Sophia Miernik

Publicity – Sherry Ede and Katie Vincent

Lighting Design and Operation - Stephen Hood

Set Construction – Phil Davis & Helpers TBC

Set Dressing – Suzy Sampson, Caroline Parker

FOH Manager – Lesley Hawkey

Box Office   - Kathy Gent

Bar Manager – Alastair Fletcher





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