POPCORN by Ben Elton - May 2018


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Directed by Suzy Sampson

 SEASON: 12 – 26 May 2018 

This is a satirical comedy / hostage drama.

It is a heated (R.16) moral debate about violent movies, copycat crimes and taking responsibility. Contains strong language.   


Popcorn, written almost simultaneously as a novel and a play, is Ben Elton's response to the controversy over whether watching a violent film can make people commit violent acts.

Elton sets his story in the Hollywood mansion of film director Bruce Delamitri just before and after he wins an Oscar for his film about a young couple who go on a killing spree.

Bruce has firmly rejected any responsibility for the actions of the ‘Mall Murderers’, a young couple who are killing people in a similar fashion to the characters in his movie.

However, the real-life murderers, Scout and Wayne, break into Delamitri's house on Oscar night and reveal that they are huge fans of his movies.

Wayne’s plan to escape the electric chair puts Bruce’s films under the spotlight.

This hostage situation also puts his family in a very real, totally un-stylish but completely transfixing danger.

 "Bloodcurdling comedy." London Sunday Times 

"First rate entertainment, funny, gripping and genuinely thought provoking." Daily Telegraph 

"This is Ben Elton at his gruesome, satirical best." Daily Mail

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