It's Just Sex - From Aug 17 - 31

 New Zealand Premiere

"GREAT show last night!! It was really terrific!! We all so enjoyed it – a lot to think about and laugh about!!"  
- Kim Michalis, August 29th 2013. 


Amanda         Kath Hair

           Phil              Craig Julich-Serventy

Jo                   Lydia Wallis

Carl                  Kristof Haines

Kelly                 Ida Barklund

Greg               Paul Roukchan

 Lisa               Caroline Phillips


DIRECTOR    Richard Parmée
FOH MANAGER    Sherry Ede   
SET DESIGN & BUILD    Phil Davis
SET DRESSER    Caroline Parker
PUBLICITY    Kathy Gent
PROPERTIES    Fred & Doreen Gould
WARDROBE MANAGER    Amy Maclaine   


Back Row: Kristof Haines, Paul Rouchkan and Craig Julich-Serventy

Front: Ida Barklund, Caroline Phillips, Kath Hair and Lydia Wallis

'It's Just Sex' is a thought-provoking look at fidelity, lust, communication, and some of the things it takes for a marriage to survive and thrive.

It’s the story of three couples, all friends for years, and in different stages of their respective relationships whose lives are changed by the events of one night.   It is funny, with great one liners, and a story that draws you in.  

Phil is caught with a hooker by his wife Jo after she comes home early. That their marriage is in trouble is clear not only from her reaction, but by her lack of it! She doesn't want to talk about it and continues to clean, the one thing she has complete control over, and prepares for the arrival of their friends.

Kelly and Carl are a couple in the throes of the 'honeymoon period', the time in their relationship when they can't keep their hands off each other. Every word spoken between them is a suggestion towards having sex yet again.  

Worrier Greg sometimes can't get it up in the bedroom. It is one of many inadequacies laid bare for his lawyer wife Lisa to judge him with.

The evening progresses with our trio of couples enjoying a friendly gathering of drinks,  banter and ultimately an innocent game of true confessions.

However perhaps with the right amount of alcohol, there is no such thing as an innocent game of true confessions…but hey it’s just sex right!

“A Comic home run” ~ The Los Angeles Times

“Provocative and surprisingly enlightening” ~ L.A. Weekly

“Convulsively funny!” ~ Daily Variety






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