Improbable Fiction - 2011 Season

November 2011 was Alan Ayckbourn’s comedy Improbable Fiction. 



The first act allows the audience to eavesdrop on a circle of hopeful would be writers, who meet once a month at Arnold Hassock’s home in Pendon, England. They criticise, encourage and report their individual progress seeking inspiration and when Arnold suggests they pool their ideas and create a collective writing, mayhem ensues.

What follows in the second act is an explosion of absurdities, when all but a baffled Arnold play the roles of the characters in the story ideas presented at the meeting earlier in the evening.

"If this were played upon a stage now, I could condemn it as Improbable fiction." - Twelfth Night, Act III, scene 4


Company’s cast includes some well known and some new faces:

Arnold Hassock, Chairman of the Writers group, played by Richard Parmee

Ilsa Wolby – Shop Assistant, played by Jennifer Farr

Grace Sims, Housewife (writer of children’s fiction), played by Trudy Thumath

Vivvi Dickins, Journalist (writer of crime fiction), played by Donna Franks

Clem Pepp – Council Worker (writer of science fiction), played by Rob Holland

Brevis Winterton – Retired Schoolteacher (musical adaptations), played by Steve Wright

Jess Bales - Farmer (historical romance) played byNaomi Madelin

Production Team

Director - Lynne Davis
Set Design - Phil Davis
Prompt - Ann Baxter
Wardrobe - Kim Pharo
Costume Consultant - Cathie Sandy
Lighting Design - Scott Thomas
Technical Operator - Bob Stevens
Production Manager - Kathy Gent
Properties - Fred and Doreen Gould
Stage Manager - Kath Hair
Photos - Sherry Ede
Music Composer - Graeme Webber
Programme - Richard Parmee
Bar Manager - Alastair Fletcher
FOH Manager - Sherry Ede/Sue Gross
Bar Helpers and Front of House - Members of Company Theatre


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