An Ideal Husband - March 2014

An Ideal Husband  by Oscar Wilde  

Directed by Steven Arnold

March 29th - April 12th, 2014

What does it take to be an Ideal Husband? How would you know if you have found one? Or are one? Is there such a thing?  This is Wilde at his wildest.

The play is set in 1895, London, but has relevance today.

After ‘The Importance of Being Earnest’, this is Wilde’s second most popular play.

‘An Ideal Husband’ poses questions around political power.  What drives politicians to make the decisions they do?  What happens when politicians fall from grace?  Are they ever to be forgiven?  Sooner or later," Wilde says, "we shall all have to pay for what we do”.    

There are many current examples here in New Zealand of politicians who lead a public life, and become responsible to a media driven public curiosity.  What has changed – if anything – since late Victorian times? 

In other themes, the play looks at the love between a wife and husband, and asks what society dictates as acceptable – or even ‘ideal’?  The position of women is debated when Wilde advises that "A man's life is of more value than a woman's."

 Audiences may ponder on the role of integrity, honesty, ambition, loyalty and of course, love.

This is the world of satirical wit and social comment.

NB.  The play starts at 8pm. There is one interval at 9.25pn.  The play finishes around 10.50pm 

See Bookings page for more details of each performance time. 

Rehearsal Shots below: Left to Right, Lara Simo, Liz Gill, Alice Allfree, Reuben Turner, Paul Roukchan, Peter Dodds 



Reuben Turner as Lord Goring 

Paul Roukchan as Robert Chiltern 

Dave Miller as Lord Caversham  

Peter Dodds as Visconte  / Phipps 

Alastair Kirkby as Mr Montford  

Stephen Hood as Harold / James /Mason 

Elizabeth Gill as Lady Gertrude Chiltern  

Amelia Noble as Lady Markby  

Caitlin Miller as Mrs Marchmont  

Alice Allfree as Miss Mabel Chiltern  

Lara Simo as  Mrs Cheveley  

Kelly Philips as  Lady Basildon







Director                           Steven Arnold

Production Manager        Kathy Gent

Set Design                       Anne Rimmer/Steven Arnold

Costume Design               Cathie Sandy

Lighting Design                Sam Mence

Lighting Operator             Max Griffiths

Properties                        Doreen and Fred Gould

Rehearsal Prompt             Ann Baxter

Stage Manager                Anne Rimmer, assisted by Jessica Kennedy

Set Construction              Phil Davis, Richard Parmee, Alastair Fletcher

Set Dressing/Painting       Caroline Parker, Tony Sandy

Wardrobe Sewers              Gail Carran, Mary Gardner

Wardrobe Dressers            Georgia Chilman, Mary Gardner, Sharon Lee 

Hair                                   Anne Dennis, Madison Dennis

Makeup                             Caitlin Miller

Photos                              Sherry Ede

Publicity/Billboards           Kathy Gent, Sherry Ede, Steven Arnold

FOH Manager                    Sherry Ede

Bar  Manager                    Alastair Fletcher

Bookings                          Richard Parmee

Programme                      Sherry Ede


Production Dates 29 March - 12 April 

To BOOK your seat see BOOKINGS.  Some days booked out. 

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Steven Arnold has directed, acted and produced in New Zealand for around 20 years.  He comes to Auckland after having lived in Wellington and Christchurch where he studied his BA in drama, and Speech and Drama qualifications.   He is currently an accredited adjudicator for ANZDA.  

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