Peace Plays by Kathleen Gallagher



ABOVE LEFT: A Detention camp in Hautu, New Zealand and RIGHT: Director Steven Arnold 

The Peace Plays by contemporary New Zealand playwright Kathleen Gallagher present an opportunity to reflect on War and different ideas of Peace.

Synopsis of Hautu -   How does one live as a pacifist when all those around you are at war? During WWII over 800 Conscientious Objectors were sent to Detention Camps in New Zealand.  Hautu, at the southern end of Lake Taupo, was one of the toughest.  This is a play about two men in Hautu, and of their women and families at home.   Hautu tells the story of those who chose not to engage; the conscientious objectors and the impact that a decision NOT to go to war has on their families. It is set in the late 1930’s and 1940’s .

Synopsis of Charlie Bloom - At Mururoa on 12 September 1966, the French exploded a 120 kiloton bomb at 600 metres, despite unfavourable wind conditions. 3160km away, the fallout cloud from the bomb is intercepted by a rainstorm and falls on Samoa.  ‘Charlie Bloom’ tells the story of a couple now living in Auckland and their experience of undiagnosed radiation poisoning.

Notes From the Director: Steven Arnold

My personal commitment to these plays is because my grandfather was a conscientious objector, though he was not imprisoned.  I am a member of the New Zealand Peace Council.  In the year 2015 there will be much talk of war.  War has been a strong thread in the development of our nation’s identity and it seems this is a current theme in the media, especially as NZ debates its role in peace keeping and engagement with International coalitions to face the situation in Syria with ISIS.  New Zealand is known and widely respected internationally for its peace stance especially in the face of Nuclear Weapons but there are many other stories to war. The world needs other voices. What have we learnt? What have we forgotten?

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PETE BAWN    Daniel Fernandez

MOLLY BAWN    Kath Hair

YVONNE BAWN     Jan Judson

TTM FLANAGAN     James Fox

GUARD / CONDUCTOR    Stephen Hood

JUDGE     Dave Miller

SUPERVISOR / GUARD      Mathieu Beelandiez

MAGGIE FLANAGAN     Elizabeth Gill

JOE BAWN  Jo Olsen



Above: Daniel Fernandez in HAUTU


Left to Right: Kath Hair, Elizabeth Gill, and Sam Geraghty in HAUTU. Stephen Hood in HAUTU 


CHARLIE BLOOM    Dave Miller

OLA    Carol Smith

OLA (young)     Ruth Flynn

WAIRUA     Jo Olsen

PATRICK PERKS       Mathieu Beelandiez

DOCTORS      Stephen Hood and Samantha Geraghty


Left to Right: Dave Miller, Jo Olsen and Carol Smith in CHARLIE BLOOM


Director     Steven Arnold

Musical Director    Dave Miller

Production Manager    Linda Camplin

FOH Manager    Sherry Ede

Stage Managers    Kathy Gent / Linda Camplin

Bar Manager    Alastair Fletcher

Properties      Doreen and Fred Gould

Prompts     Kathy Gent / Linda Camplin

Lighting Design     Sam Mence

Lighting Operator     Steven Arnold

Set Construction   Phil Davis

Wardrobe       Ruth Chapman

Bookings      Kath Hair     Phone 445 9900

Photos / Billboards      Sherry Ede

Publicity/Advertising          Kathy Gent 


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