HAY FEVER - August 8 - 22, 2015


The director, Julian Harrison, writes...

I'm very excited to be directing Hay Fever by Noel Coward for Company Theatre as part of their 2015 season.
I have loved this play since I first acted in it 18 years ago at drama school. I then directed it 10 years later with teenage students at Howick Children's  and Youth Theatre
and am now ecstatic to finally be able to direct it with this 
talented adult cast.

Set in the 1920's Hay Fever combines all the style and sophistication of this period with hilariously funny characters
and Noel Cowards brilliantly witty writing. 

Those who have seen a production of Hay Fever before will no-doubt be rushing to book tickets and those who haven't should see what they have been missing out on before they miss out again. Guaranteed to be enjoyed by audiences of all ages. 

SYNOPSIS of Hay Fever by Noel Coward

Hay Fever is a wonderfully entertaining, comic play written by Noël Coward in 1924.

Best described as a cross between high farce and a comedy of manners, the play is set in an English country house in the 1920s, and deals with the four eccentric members of the Bliss family and their outlandish behaviour when they each invite a guest to spend the weekend.

The self-centred behaviour of the hosts finally drives their guests to flee while the Blisses are so engaged in a family row that they do not notice their guests' furtive departure!



The Bliss Family Members

Simon Bliss    James Coventry

Judith Bliss      Catherine Maunsell

Sorel  Bliss        Courtney Eggleton

David Bliss      Arthur Young

Clara - the Maid      Liz Phillips

Their Guests for the weekend

Sandy Tyrell      Alex Gleed

Myra Arundel      Kate Birch

Jackie Coryton      Helene Holman

Richard Greatham     Max Golding

 Catherine Maunsell as Judith Bliss


Director          Julian Harrison

Production Manager      Kathy Gent

Stage Manager     Liz Gill

Stage Manager      Jan Judson

Lighting Design     Scott Thomas

Lighting and Sound Operator      Stephen Hood

 Props        Fred and Doreen Gould

Props assistant  Linda Camplin

Set Design/Construction    Ian Birch

Set Construction       Russell Simpson 

Set Dressing/Painting       Caroline Parker

Costumes      Cathie Sandy

Costumes Assistant    Barbara Faron

Costumes Advisor     Ruth Chapman

Publicity          Kathy Gent

Programme and Facebook     Kate Birch

Front of House Manager       Lesley Hawkey

Bar Manager     Alastair Fletcher

Photos     Sherry Ede and Ian Birch

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