LAST LEGS by Roger Hall - NOV 2018


There's plenty of life and laughter in
this Retirement home!

Last Legs is a black comedy about sex, death and politics in a retirement home (set in the era of Bill English). Great for those
 approaching retirement and wondering with trepidation or excitement what lies ahead!

Saturday Nov 17 -  Saturday Dec 1, 2018  Wed - Sat @ 8.00pm

 Sunday 18 Nov @ 2.00pm and Sunday 25 Nov @ 2.00pm

General bookings through iticket.  See BOOKINGS page for prices.


What did you bid, dear?  Who dealt? 

 It’s Bridge afternoon at The Cambridge Retirement Village.  Each of the female actors play two characters. 
Here they are as the “old dears”.
Seated Left to Right: Sheila (Lynn Webster); Jessie (Sue Golding), Joyce (Donna Franks) and Eve (Dianne Lamont). 


Let me show you the Art Studio? 

Lynn Webster as TRISH and Sue Golding as HELENA.


TRISH  - Lynn Webster

HELENA - Sue Golding

GARRY - Max Golding

KITTY - Donna Franks

EDNA - Dianne Lamont

ANGUS - Steve Wright


Is there anything else for the committee meeting? 

Steve Wright as ANGUS and Lynn Webster as TRISH

Overall, it’s a wonderful journey to watch, a bit like The Canterbury Tales, as we follow these six characters with all their ups and downs, their laughs, their politics and sexual indiscretions – until a dramatic climax when Bill English, the Prime Minister is invited to open the new wing.

 Sian Davis, the director (in her 12th production for Company Theatre) has designed the set with grass paths, bridges and waterfalls, to complete an idyllic, picturesque garden setting for residents to ramble.   

For Roger Hall, there's nothing retiring about retirement.

Last Legs is a black comedy about sex, death and politics with an irresistible appeal to the old and bold of heart.”   





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