The Importance of Being Earnest AUGUST 2018




11th – 25th AUGUST 2018

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 Adam Pomeroy                      Algernon

 Tony Nettleton                       Lane

 Max Crean                              Merriman

 Jonathan Capel-Baker           Jack

 Trudy Thumath                      Miss Prism

 Lynette Wrigley-Brown         Lady Bracknell

 Rebekah Talsma                     Cecily

 Kelsey McEwan                      Gwendolen

 John Burton                         Dr Chasuble

Abigail Cerecke                      Maid



Company Theatre transports you to the 1890’s, to Victorian England, for a performance of enchantment and hilarity.

The Importance of Being Earnest is Oscar Wilde's most brilliant tour de force, a witty and buoyant comedy that has delighted millions in countless productions.

This superb satire is one of the funniest plays in the English language-the delightful repartee and hilarious piercing of hypocrisy and pomposity will make you laugh out loud.

Two bachelor friends, the dandy Algernon Moncrieff and the utterly reliable John Worthing, lead double lives to court the attentions of the exquisitely desirable Gwendolyn Fairfax and Cecily Cardew.

The gallants must then grapple with the riotous consequences of their deceptions, as well as with the formidable Lady Bracknell.


Production Manager                      Stephen Hood

Director                                           Anne Rimmer                   

Stage Manager                              Mags Delaney

Rehearsal PA                                  Sarah Dettwiler

Props                                               Sofia Miernik,  Linda Camplin

Costume Lead                                 Cathie Sandy, with assistance from Daphne Abbott      

Hair                                                  Sofia Miernik         

Publicity Social Media                   Katie Vincent                   

Publicity Print Media                     Kathy Gent                        

Publicity Website                            Sherry Ede                                                                         

Set Builder                                       Phil Davis                                                                                           

Set Builder                                      James Carrick                                         

Lighting Design                              Scott Thomas                                  

Lighting Assistants                         Phil Searle  & Maureen Kenny                                                                         

Lighting & Sound Operator          Stephen Hood                                    

Plants/ Set Dressing                      Virginia Waters                              

Set Dressing                                    Caroline Parker                

Set Dressing                                    Marigold Morphy                           

Programme                                     Hayley Atkins, Sherry Ede                                          

Box Office                                        Kathy Gent                                                         

FOH Manager                                   Lesley Hawkey

Bar Manager                                   Alastair Fletcher 

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