Played to perfection by two actors  

Natasha Senior and Francis Johnson

 Directed by Kristof Haines


  This comedy/drama is set in a rural town in County Kerry, Ireland, that is overrun by a Hollywood film crew.

The play centres around two friends, Charlie Conlon and Jake Quinn,
employed as extras on the film.  

These same two actors play all the other parts in the play.

Charlie aspires to get his own script made into a movie.

Meanwhile Jake has recently returned from New York and is smitten,
along with everyone else,
by the glamorous American star of the movie, Caroline.

Charlie is upset that the American crew do not attempt to accurately portray the town
and only care about finishing the movie on time. 
Most of the locals are initially excited at the opportunity to be a part of a major film.

This gentle, humane play weaves together comedy and tragedy 
to tell a story that speaks to our 
fundamental need to find a community and a purpose in life.

Irish accents are used. 

There is one interval. 

Natasha plays these characters:

Charlie Conlon, former video store owner

Simon, 1st AD  (film crew)

Clem, film director

Fin, local lad

Caroline Giovanni, movie star

Brother Gerard, local teacher

Jock Campbell, security staff

Mr Harkin, Sean's father

 Francis plays these characters:

Jake Quin, local, recently returned from the States

Aisling, 3rd AD (film crew)

Mickey, local in his seventies

Sean, local lad

John, accent coach

Dave, crew member



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