Arms and The Man NOV 16 - 30 2019







 A romantic comedy from 1894

  George Bernard Shaw’s timeless satire

 " Gives Shaw full vent to his comic genius along with major social ethical issues."

  Season 16 - 30 November 2019 


From L to R,  Savannah Schreuder as Raina, Kate Birch as Catherine, Matthew Smith as Bluntchschi, Adam Pomeroy as Sergius, John Bower as Maj.Petkoff, Kelaan Schloffel-Armstrong as Nicola.   

Photo by Kathryn Nobbs 

"A story of romantic love against the backdrop of the fictitious glory of war."

Natasha Birch as Louka and Kelaan Schloffel-Armstrong as Nicola.
Photo  by  Anne Rimmer


Petkoff          John Bower
Catherine       Kate Birch
Raina          Savannah Schreuder
Sergius         Adam Pomeroy
Louka           Natasha Birch
Bluntschli     Matthew J. Smith
Nicola          Kelaan Schloffel-Armstrong

Director - Reg Williams
Production Manager for Company Theatre - Stephen Hood


Janet Lyons

Stage Manager

Victoria Silvey

Assistant Stage Manager

Stephen Hood

Lighting & Sound

Alylai Flynn


Anne Rimmer

Set Dressing

Caroline Parker

Set Dressing

Kathy Gent

Props & Group Bookings

Cathie Sandy


Linda Camplin


Alastair Fletcher


Dave Best

Set Construction

Tony Sandy

Set Construction

Sherry Ede/Hayley Atkins

Programme & Poster



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