PENINSULA by Gary Henderson


Set on the Banks Peninsula, South Island, in the 1960’s, this is a warmhearted and open-eyed snapshot of life in New Zealand’s 20th century rural communities.

An insightful glimpse into the concerns, dreams and joys of childhood.

The story centres around Michael Hope, a young boy,  who lives on a volcano. While geological rumblings may remain deep underground, unrest in the adult world threatens to erupt into his life, changing everything.

Rich with Kiwi nostalgia, and performed by 5 talented actors who play two characters each - one young and one older. 



Left: PHOTOS from the August production Jono Capel-Baker and Sofie Gabriel. Right: PHOTOS from the AUGUST production -  Duncan Preston, Ross Anderson and Jono Capel-Baker. The cast for the November production that is on NOW is below. 


The Cast for the November 2020 production

Michael/Bruce:         Jono Capel-Baker
Jack/Alex:                 Kristof Haines
Valerie/Lynette:        Rebekah Talsma
Ngaire/Sylvia:           Sofie Gabriel
Gordon/Pug:            Duncan Preston

The Crew

Director:                   Kristof Haines    
Stage Manager        Janet Lyons
Lighting                    Scott Thomas
Sound Design          Conan Mornard-Stott
Music                        Matt Rust 
Lights Operator        Stephen Hood
Visual Effects            Isaac Taylor
Props                        Annie McGrath
Set Advisor               Anne Rimmer
Stage Crew               Annie McGrath, Victoria Silvey
PA to Director          Victoria Silvey
Costumes                 Janet Lyons, Annie McGrath
Programme             Linda Camplin, Hayley Atkins
Poster Design          Ross Murray
Publicity                   Sherry Ede, Kathy Gent, Jono Capel-Baker
Photography            Kathryn Nobbs
Billboards                 Sherry Ede, Alastair Fletcher
Facebook/Social Media  Jono Capel-Baker, Stephen Hood
Front of House         Lesley Hawkey and Company Members
Box Office                 Kathy Gent, Sarah Dettwiler
Bar Manager            Alastair Fletcher


Production Manager for Company Theatre: Kathy Gent 

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