The Mousetrap - November 2012


Claire Wingfield as Mollie Ralston
Jonathan Callinan as Giles Ralston
Paul Roukchan as Christopher Wren
Dianne Lamont as Mrs Boyle    
Robert Campion as Major Metcalf    
Gemma Clair as Miss Casewell    
John Curry as Mr Paravicini
Reuben Turner as Det Sgt Trotter


Sian Davis - Director
Richard Parmée - Production Manager
Maxine Cunliffe - Production Assistant
Cathie Sandy - Wardrobe Manager
Janet Williamson - Set Design
Phil Davis - Set Build
Scott Thomas - Sound/Lighting Design
Anne Rimmer - Set Dressing
Caroline Parker - Set Dressing
Doreen & Fred Gould - Props
Sherry Ede - Photos


THE MOUSETRAP is Agatha Christie’s classic murder mystery which has become something of a pilgrimage to see in London since the early 1950’s. It opened in the West End at ‘The New Ambassadors’ on 25 November 1952, and has played continuously all that time to become the world’s longest running play. The plot: Monkswell Manor Guest House, just on Christmas, is opening to accommodate its first guests, a very odd assortment of characters. The place is almost immediately cut off by a heavy downfall of snow. A policeman arrives on skis to reveal that he is hot on the heels of a fugitive murderer.... so Christie establishes her unpredictable trail of murder, detection and exposure.

SEASON 10 – 24 November 2012




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